We are HUB Systems. We Provide Future Proof Technology and Tracking Solutions to the Transport Industry

Only HUB Systems can deliver the optimal results that the transport industry requires. Backed by over 30 years of direct experience in the industry, HUB Systems provides transport solutions we are proud of.

With strict adherence to specifications and standards virtually unheard of in the industry, HUB Systems is proudly Australian based and operated.

HUB Systems are ready and willing to deliver a service that helps you deliver better and achieve more.

A Selection of Our Services

HUB Systems is Australia’s leading supplier of a full repertoire of comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for the transport industry, including mobile services, multi-platform and tailored core transport systems, dispatch solutions and more. Our reputation is founded on the use of leading edge technology and a motivated highly skilled team to help you deliver an outstanding transport solution.


FMS is our core product for the transport industry. It handles all aspects of your transport systems computer requirements, from job intake through despatch, billing, driver payments and management reporting.

Advanced Despatch

Advanced Despatch is the highest level of Despatch offered by HUB and has been designed to speed up work flows between despatchers, drivers and customer services.

GPS and Mapping

In order to fully utilise Advanced Despatch, HUB have developed a GPS/Mapping solution designed to sit alongside the Despatch screen and give the despatcher a visual location of the fleet matched to the job information on the despatch screen.

Online Integration

A quality set of web based tools for your customers is becoming more crucial as companies demand instant access to job bookings and tracking.

EDI Solutions

We have developed a protocol for the import and export of data from our systems. We not only support our own XML based data types, but we have written the systems such that any number of data formats or transport mechanisms can be used to send and receive data.


Tracking of freight is an important tool for both you and your customers. Our tracking system not only allows for passive tracking of goods, but can proactively query tracking information against imported manifests, from a large number of import sources.

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